5 ways to make employees feel valued and committed

5- formas-hacer-sentir-valorados-comprometidos-empleados
Introduces 5 ideas to make your collaborators feel more valued and motivated to commitment with the company.

It has been shown that wage is not the most important factor in the retention and satisfaction of employees. For this reason, companies must improve their benefit packages.

1. Work/personal life balance

A company that promotes a balance between work and personal life tends to attract more productive, energized, and reliable employees.

2. Health insurance

Most workers prefer to receive health insurance instead of vacations and/or retirement plans. Health insurance can be an important advantage, when it can be offered (Gallup).

3. Paid free time

More companies are increasing the amount of free time granted to employees: paid parental leave and other creative options like offering sabbaticals, forced free time, etc., have proved to be useful.

4. Blind contracting

Today, new talent is more demanding with the policies of diversity and inclusion: blind contracting can be a valuable benefit for the employee while promoting equality within the company.

5. Wellness initiatives

Stress management workshops, yoga classes, meditation, or any activity that helps creating a healthy environment at work fosters employees’ focus, creative freedom, and allows them to rest properly.

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