5 tips to be happy at work

Happiness at work does not depend on the employer but on the actions and attitude of each one of us.

1. Leave personal problems at home

When you are worried about a personal problem at work, confinement and the inability to change things from your working space can increase your stress levels.

2. Create a group of friends in the office

Sharing a common interest can help to alleviate some of the pressures at work: coexistence outside the workplace helps strengthening the emotional bonds.

3. Build a comfortable space

Transform your working space in your own ‘nest’: pin images of the places you want to go on vacation, pictures of your loved ones and phrases that motivate you to accomplish your goals.

4. Move around and visit your coworkers

One of the ways to improve your mood is to simply get up and move around your office: take some fresh air, marvel at the scenery around the building, or visit your coworkers at their working spaces.

5. Organize and reward yourself

A cluttered working space can make even the easiest tasks overwhelming: once you begin to easily handle your workload every day, start rewarding yourself for a job well done.

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