6 new technologies that increase employee productivity

Know what technologies are supporting the HR area to increase business productivity.

In the near future, AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools will have a greater control of the working process which will increase the use of specialized systems.

1. Changes in measuring employee commitment

By using non-traditional listening techniques, such as Big Data analysis of employees, the annual surveys that measures their commitment can be replaced.

2. Increase of AI use for predictive purposes

Through monitoring of the activity of the employees, IA can advise on the best times for them to rest while providing them with support to carry out their tasks.

3. Greater importance of the role of IT-HR

The role of the specialist in information technologies in the field of human resources is to be responsible of the security of the employees’ and the company’s data, making the decisions on technology, and implementing systems of measurement and designing algorithms.

4. Systems in the cloud

Today, 75% of companies have at least one RH process that is carried out in the cloud. (PwC)

5. Specialized technology

In areas such as talent acquisition, training, operating chatbots in recruiting applications, managing participation platforms, etc.

6. Learning, performance, and career planning converge in a single application

Today, learning providers get more data by integrating performance and career management systems: these systems can help the employees to developing their professional career.

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