5 benefits of recruitment through Predictive Analysis

The new technologies have empowered HR specialists, learn how predictive analysis can help for talent recruitment.

Predictive analysis can identify what will happen in the future or explain what lead to that result.

5 benefits of using predictive analysis:

1. Greater number and quality of candidates

Automatically preselecting candidates increases the possibilities for a successful recruitment, while reducing hiring expenses.

2. Less rotation

Predictive analysis can evaluate whether a candidate will fit adequately in the company’ cultural, as well as his/her level of performance and the likelihood of retention.

3. Creation of work teams

Likewise, this tool can identify the potential of new talent, the skill gaps in teams and improve the quality of the company’s strategy.

4. Organizational development

Predictive analysis can help to design inclusion strategies and suggest training materials that can be applied to the environment of the organization.

5. Training

Improves the education, training and certification programs of the company through the analysis of its personnel.

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