Key factors for talent attraction and retention in 2020

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Discover the keys to attract and retain the best talents in the coming year.

According to guide for attraction and retention in 2020, the following will be the essential talent recruitment and selection trends in the coming year.

Attractive benefits

The strategy is to think about a scheme of compensations that focuses on ameliorating the personal life of collaborators and which motivates them to be more involved and committed to the company. This scheme of compensations/benefits might include:

Flexible schedules

Medical insurance




Wages can be fortified and made more attractive through a variety of bonuses, which usually depend on performance and business results.

Payment of extra efforts

Bonus for achieving goals

Objective based bonus

Rest days or home office days

Acknowledgments, awards, and prizes

Offering training programs and growth opportunities

Today, fair and equitable internal promotions represent a challenge for HR and are key to the retention of talent in the company: training is not only useful for improving retention, it also has an impact on commitment and productivity.

Design a good talent management strategy

Create succession and mentoring plans

Design customized training plans

Good wages

Despite alternative trends and strategies an attractive wage remains the main factor for talent attraction and retention.

Find compensation strategies

Justify the investment in wages with KPI’s to the company’s leaders

Open and transparent working environment

Collaborative culture, internal communication, and even wage transparency are fundamental to employee satisfaction.

Listen to the employee’s demands, no matter how small or petty

Look for ways to integrate the entire workforce

Allow employees to attend family events

Align employee’s personal purposes with the company's mission

Build a digital ecosystem that takes advantage of the employer branding

Companies that effectively communicate their vision, mission and values through their online resources usually have a strong employer brand. Social networks are one of the first places which are reviewed by a candidate, and they are a perfect channel to transmit the image of the company.

Work on your internal communication

Authentically and openly communicate who you really are

The testimony of the employees’ experience can help to strengthen your employer brand to

Social responsibility is an attractive factor for younger generations

Check other employers’ websites, social networks, and google in order to find out about your online reputation