The culture of corporate values of a company must be transmitted from an employees’ incorporation

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Discover the importance of organizational values and why HR should promote them from the incorporation process.

The entrepreneurial culture of a company is the at the core of its performance: solid management promotes the trust of customers in the brand and in the people who work for the company.

Why are values so important in entrepreneurial culture?

A company’s values externally reflect in customer service and in respect for people, while internally they reflect in the working environment and in the respect for peers and other employees.

Values are the necessary orientation for the pursuit of excellence: they are the basis for better and more efficient processes, product innovation, customer service, and transparency and honesty.

Organizational values of the 21st Century

Organizational values allow the effective articulation of a company’s mission and vision. The values of a company of the 21st Century have to take into account the demands made by the younger talents and the market, such as:

  • Inclusion/Diversity.
  • Anti-harassment policies.
  • Transparency of benefits and salary.
  • Commitment to quality, customers, and collaborators.
  • Passion for purpose

How to transmit the company’s values to collaborators

On boarding programs

Can help to integrate the newly incorporated employees to their teammates: it might be useful to dedicate one day of work to explain the values and processes of the company.

Induction to the business

Employees must know the leaders personally and go networking, since they are one of the best vehicles for transmitting the company’s values.

 Mentoring plans

They are a continuation of the onboarding programs: new employees find very supportive to have a mentor to guide them.

 Specific programs

Provide new employees with technical training tailored to the specific needs of the company.

Online courses on values

Issues such as compliance, data protection, money laundering, and workplace harassment can be effectively addressed through these courses.

HR must start by complying and listening to employees

Implementing corporate values requires the active participation of all the people that belong to the organization: ultimately, this is what will allow a company to clarify and translate values into concrete behaviors and organizational practices which, in time, can be internalized and incorporated into working habits.

  • Organizational values begin with the ethics of the company and its first indicator is the compliance with the law.
  • This ethics should be reflected in the organizational decisions and is the actual is the basis for employees’ commitment to themselves and to the company’s culture.

 HR must measure its strategies and the behavior of leaders and collaborators through surveys and statistical processes, at least once a year. This will allow HR to have a clearer picture of the company’s ‘climate’ and to ask for ideas for improvement, which will provide the basis for new policies and actions.