8 skills to cope uncertainty in your search for a job

incertidumbre laboral
Learn which personal skills you must develop to increase your level of employability.

In recent years, the idea of getting a job and keeping throughout your working life has been extinguished. Younger generations face a complex labor scenario on a global scale, characterized by uncertainty about the future.

1. Quick reaction ability

Being able to make decisions based on incomplete information demonstrates creativity when facing situations in which you are not 100% in control.

2. Being able to change your job in a short time span

Given the unpredictable nature of today’s labor world, being able to work for different companies in a short period of time adds value to your profile and becomes a competitive advantage.

3. Tolerance and flexibility

Under the new rules of the labor ‘game’, these qualities are seen as strength and as valuable resources for growth, knowledge acquisition and professional experience. You must be willing to leave your comfort zone before losing new job opportunities.

4. Increase your value

Trading working professionals between companies is now seen as a valid option. This option can benefit your professional training and experience, while allowing you to work in new projects and attain goals that will increase your CV value on the whole.

5. Take responsibility

Today, labor contracts are more volatile that ever: you cannot hold companies responsible for your own future.

6. Be proactive

You must design a career plan based on a holistic approach and on concrete actions aimed at your continuous training and further professional development.


7. Learn to achieve your personal/professional goals

This will increase your level of employability while reinforcing your confidence in yourself.

8. Learning how to live here and now

This will help you to cope with uncertainty in an assertive way and is one of the best skills to have in the volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous world of today.

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