8 duties of a digital Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)

Learn about the 8 main tasks of the officer in charge of the digital transformation in an organization.

8 key tasks have been established to analyze and have a better understanding of the role that a digital CTO has in an organization.

1. Improving customer’s experience

A digital CTO must continuously evaluate the company’s processes and be innovative in order to make the customer’s experience more pleasant and fulfilling.

2. Creating new business models

Developing new possibilities for growth and value creation for customers, based on information gathered through business metrics is a digital CTO’s responsibility.

3. Optimize the organization’s architecture

A digital CTO should be able to map the key nodes and connections of the company by knowing in detail its resources and its relationships and should optimize the allocation of resources required by the digital transformation.

4. Contribute to the talent strategy design

By identifying skill gaps and closely collaborating with the HR department in order to bridge these gaps.

5. Communication and motivation

A digital CTO’s mission is to convince and motivate the company, through effective and assertive messages and communication, to make the necessary changes.

6. Be an ally in training

Education for the digital transformation must be carried out with the help of AI tools and should be focused on developing the skills needed for solving specific problems.

7. Setting short- and long-term goals

Suggesting business leaders to think beyond the economic costs, and rather focus on how the returns of investment will be reflected in the company’s performance over time is one of the key digital CTO’s tasks.

8. Streamline processes

The digital CTO should actively promote and encourage employees’ education for risks taking and quick decision making, so that the organization becomes more agile and is always prepared to move faster.

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