5 ways in which the use of AI tools can help to reduce the gender gap at the workplace

IA igualdad de genero
Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help to create a more equal environment between men and women at work.

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), the following are some of the key challenges to achieve gender equality between men and women at work.

1. Equal access

AI tools allow you to avoid any kind of gender prejudice or bias in writing a job ad. Still, you should take special care in the case of jobs/roles which have a pre-conceived image of gender associated.

2. Equal pay

This is one of the most complex tasks, however, AI tools can calculate wages on fair, equitable and gender blind basis, by taking into account the quantity and quality of the work performed.

3. Same opportunity for promotions

When performance metrics and evaluations are made by AI tools, greater gender equity can be guaranteed.

4. Maternity leaves and other benefits

With the use of this technology, benefits such as maternity leaves can be fairly remunerated. Likewise, through IA you can create and implement specific policies and strategies for flexible workers from a gender perspective.

5. Prevention of violence and sexual harassment

Today, there are AI tools that make it possible to timely detect inappropriate employee behavior such as cyber bullying or cyber harassment.

Nevertheless, this task should also be addressed beyond a mere technological perspective: it is imperative to create policies and protocols which foster a just and respectful environment at work for all members of an organization.

Available at: ilo.org