5 differentials to stand out in a job interview

Follow these tips to stand out in a job interview.

1. Basics

Always care for your personal presentation and be punctual: a recruiter decides in the first 60 seconds of an interview whether a person is a good candidate for the job or not.

2. Prepare key points

Focus on talking about how you can contribute to the company’s development from the position you are applying for.

3. Explain how your professional goals align with those of the company

Obtaining the job you are applying for may depend on effectively convincing your interviewer of how your professional goals are similar to those of the company.

4. Master the technical skills required for the job

Proving to be technically proficient in the specific skills needed for the job makes recruiters shift their focus towards your social and team skills.

5. Talk about your differentials

Take time to talk about your leadership skills, your previous accomplishments, your knowledge of specific technical tools or other abilities you have (for example, speaking another language) can help you to highlight your profile and to convince the interviewer of your performance.

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