5 steps to have an effective portfolio

Know what to do to boost your work portfolio.

Designers, writers, publicists or creative professionals have to put together a portfolio to show their previous work when looking for or applying for a job.

1. Choose the right projects

  • Be sure to show your best and most relevant work: you can customize what you show depending on the company you aim to work for.

2. Present each project with a description

  • Be as detailed and specific as possible: explain the resources you used, including your budget and the tools that were available to you.

3. Focus on your diversity

  • While the quality and the relevance of your work is key, so is variety: your portfolio should show that you have the ability to adapt to different topics and technologies.

4. Add a personal touch

  • Your portfolio should ‘portrait’ who you are on a personal level: include a bio and past experiences section.

5. Make it visible

  • Finally, don’t forget that your portfolio is meant to be seen: share it via Dropbox or Google Drive and always attach a link to it in your resume and cover letter.

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