6 ways to strengthen your Employer Brand by gamifying key processes

marca empleadora gamificacion
Discover how you can further strengthen the level of your Employer Brand through gaming.

HR should consider all kinds of strategies to further expand their Employer Brand.

1. Onboarding process

Being kind and endearing from the first contact adds value to your brand and helps you to attract more candidates, even if they won’t be hired in the end.

2. Development and training

Gaming is one of the most effective ways to make sure that the messages and contents you want to communicate are better understood: when employees learn by playing, they tend to spend more time doing it.

3. Internal communication

People often feel more confident to be spontaneous when their working environment fosters active listening and constructive criticism: their spoken language and/or actions will be more natural and relaxed.

4. Training for change

Games can reduce the fear and anxiety associated with changes: playing in new scenarios helps people go through changes in less stressful way.

5. Team management

Personnel integration through gaming can help to transcend hierarchical barriers, while allowing the different areas of an organization to collaborate more closely.

6. Gaming promotes socialization

Employees can reinforce their feelings of belonging to their work team and the organization as a whole through gaming. Additionally, gaming is one of the most effective ways to make the workplace a fun place to be.

Source: mek.oszk.hu