7 HR actions to promote respect within the company

Respect is the basis for the development of any organization must, learn 7 actions to increase civility at the workplace.

Civility is of a paramount importance in any working relationship.

1. Promote rest.

Many times, people are rude because of stress: being nice starts with being kind to oneself. This includes getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising.

2. Respect is what people want the most.

Respect is more important than making useful comments, acknowledging good work and even than new opportunities for growth.

3. Listen and recognize.

These are two of the basic principles of respect: HR must always be available and have a good disposition to listen to the workers, as well as to recognize their achievements.

4. Be kind.

Send thank-you notes, smile while you pass through your coworkers’ posts, and consider asking people to leave or turn off their phones before a meeting to encourage a more genuine and efficient communication.

5. Look for feedback.

Feedback is crucial to understand how employees perceive the behavior of HR, as well as of leaders and other collaborators.

6. Hire nice people.

The negative impact of a toxic employee eliminates any possible gain that an employee might bring to the company, even considering a ‘superstar’ performance. You have to spend some time to find and recruit an employee with a level of civility that will be worth the investment of time and effort.

7. Respect begins with the leaders.

Workplaces characterized by civility are constructed by leaders since they are responsible for achieving a happier and healthier environment. Then, if the boss or HR responsible acts in an uncivilized or disrespectful way, the opposite cannot be expected or demanded from other collaborators.

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