The 4 super powers of an endearing HR executive

Learn to know what distinguishes the most significant and charismatic HR executives.

1. The power of inspiration.

  • It is built around their personality and character: a leader should be seen as a personal frame of reference, as someone who is worth to emulate.
  • They must be trustworthy and lead by example while always keeping their word. HR executives are perceived as reliable when they can be trusted, and they treat their employees fairly and honestly.

2. The power of expertise.

  • They always improve their skills and experience by taking the initiative in their areas of expertise. Furthermore, they recognize their authority in a specific area and obtain certifications on the crucial abilities of their profession.
  • They understand the values and priorities of leadership create processes which are strategically aligned with a company’s objectives, and always base their decisions on solid statistics which reflect the commercial results that might follow.

3. Power of executive presence.

  • They demonstrate emotional intelligence, which is a central feature of their executive presence, even in difficult times or when their decisions are unpopular.
  • They always help emerging leaders to develop a greater executive presence and to achieve a skillful communication whether speaking in public, writing an email or carrying out daily conversation with style and experience. Likewise, they share and expand their organizational development network with their peers.

4. Measure the impact of its value.

  • You should define your value for the company and measure the impact you that you have on people, business results, as well as the impact that comes from the relationships you build.
  • When necessary, they can become the center for connecting different people and groups to create networks.

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