4 strategies to get a new job through your LinkedIn profile

Learn how to use your LinkedIn profile to make your professional career grow.

Influence is the key to professional growth and everyone is responsible for managing the success of their own career.

1. Have a full profile and update it constantly.

When your profile is active you will have more visits: today, LinkedIn is an important resource for recruiters and talent hunters. Try to generate synergy between the story told by your resume and your social networks profile: this will increase your chances of being approached.

2. Contact the right people.

Connect with people who are in the areas where you want to work:

  • Seek for people who have a similar degree no matter whether they have more or less experience than you have.
  • Connect with chiefs with whom you interact regularly.
  • Aim for people who are one, two or three professional levels above you.

3. Take advantage of LinkedIn groups.

Follow the publications that you like and recommend and respond with a complementary comment to the person who published it. Then, one or two days later, send him/her a connection request.

4. Beware of trolls.

Always make sure that the information you have comes from good and solid sources, always comment what is worth seeing to show the recruiters you are aware of the current trends. In addition, you can send connection requests to anyone who likes or comments your publications: this will expand your network.

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