6 areas for HR action in 2019

Human Resources (HR) should focus on the following six areas in order to have a successful year in 2019.

1. Employer Engagement: commitment.

The retention of employees will require individual strategies that connect both with the emotional and the rational aspects of the person: the objective is to achieve the recruitment, retention and development processes of specialized talent.

2. People Analytics.

The collection and analysis of data will allow HR to manage their employees and to guarantee their performance. This should be linked to a change of mentality in the department of personnel and in talent management.

3. Transparency and trust.

Transparency should be reflected in the evaluation of workers’ performance: the technological tools help to carry out this process practically in real time, allowing for quicker decision making.

4. Teambuilding.

Promote activities aimed at enhancing team spirit and cooperation among its members: these activities allow the workers to free themselves from the daily tensions and to relate to their colleagues in a relaxed way.

5. Gamification.

It helps to maintain the interest and motivation of the employee, and it can be applied to both the training and selection processes.

6. Employer Branding: attraction

The image of a company is communicated through traditional channels, yet the growing importance digital media should be recognized. Today, candidates for a job research the online reputation of the companies in which they would like to pursue a professional career.

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