6 actions that can lead you to fail in an onboarding program

Learn what not to do during a new employee incorporation process.

1. Not being prepared

When a candidate arrives and nobody organizes the basic things on his first day at work, such as grant them access, an email account, and introduction to the work team.

2. Being with the onboarding employee only at the time for lunch

Onboarding programs must be sophisticated, because they aim to make a new collaborator productive and happy in the shortest possible time frame.

3. Not helping to establish personal connection

New collaborators must get to know their coworkers in an inductive way.

4. Delivering damaged furniture and poor sanitation of space

Everything might cause an impression and can be fundamental for the future labour relationship: from the actual condition of the equipment assigned to the new employee, to the furniture, and the cleanliness of the kitchen and bathrooms.

5. Not knowing what to do with the new collaborator

You should always have a at least a detailed plan for the new employee’s first week and should also weekly review his/her performance for the first three months.

6. Not taking care of details

Assigning a workspace that has not been purged of unnecessary files or have the new employee start to work when the supervisor is out of the office, not knowing how to write his/her name correctly, etc., can be detrimental to a successful onboarding process.

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