6-step guide for quality recruitment

Offers a list of suggested actions for recruiters, designed to increase the attraction of talent and the efficiency of the hiring process.

You should start by incorporating an internal contracting metrics process that leads to a successful recruitment strategy.

1. Determine the ideal profile

Make an ideal profile for the available job from the profiles of current and previous employees who have been successful in that position.

Consider similar characteristics, abilities and attributes so that you can search for matches among the available candidates.

2. Make a case for the reasons a high-performance talent would want the job

The recruiter must always be convinced of the job offer he is making.
If the candidate does not accept at first, consider other to persuade him/her such as expanding the tasks and responsibilities of the job and/or other kinds of benefits that better meet the candidate’s needs, expectations and interests.

3. Create efficient job ads

Focus on what the tasks to be done and the responsibilities of the job are on a day-to-day basis, instead of just presenting a list of wanted skills and years of experience.
Avoid job ads that require years of experience or arbitrary skills in specific technologies or industries: you should give the candidates a chance to show their abilities.

4. Have an accessible application process that is also easy to fill in

Higher-performing employees are often passive: they have little time to spend on cumbersome application processes.
The use of mobile applications for recruitment can be of great help.

5. Focus on people who are not actively looking for a job

A high percentage of quality talents do not actively seek employment: you can use reference programs for employees, social networks, conferences, etc., to broaden the scope of your searches for possible recruitment candidates.

6. Use valid evaluation tests

Tests can help to reveal which of the candidates’ features match the profile you are looking for: specifically, tests allow you to see which characteristics and attributes the candidate possesses, as well as drawing your attention to those outstanding and competitive applicants.

Available at: SHRM