3 Points to understand how automatic recruitment works

Discover with a simple explanation how does Artificial Intelligence applied to recruitment works.

Recruiters should know about automated solutions to perform their tasks: until now these tasks were carried out through human decision making in all phases of the process. The purpose of automation is to potentialize labour and not merely to replace workers.

1. What is it?

It’s a technology that unifies the latest advances in smart data and machine learning. Additionally, it can provide links to the available knowledge and scientific literature on the prediction of human behavior in a working and social environment.

2. How does it work?

Any candidate for a job in a company has to solve a set of questionnaires and problems whose purpose is to provide HR with a calculated percentage of the risk of hiring that candidate.

3. What results does it give?

Without carrying out a face-to-face personal interview, each applicant can be classified according to his/her risk of hiring percentage. To those candidates with the highest risk registries you can send a message asking them to refrain from applying for another position in your company for the next twelve months.

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