4 HR actions to support talented employees aged 60 or more

Discover what actions to take in order to support the most experienced talent in your organization

Thanks to the latest scientific developments, life expectancy and health in general have drastically improved. Therefore, you should design solutions at work for keeping the elder sector of employees productive.

1. Reduction of the digital gap

Facing rapid technological change is not easy, especially for the elder: the role of HR should be to help them go through an adaptation process while also reducing the existing technological gap between the elder and the younger employees.

2. Continuous training

This is the best way for elder employees to stay updated: it is important that they are prepared the digital world, but also for embracing the latest developments related to health and self-care.

3. Financial education for employees

Information on how to use their retirement funds, focused on investments, expenses management, etc. can be very useful for the elder workers.

4. Mentoring programs

Making the elder workers leaders of this kind of programs is profitable for your company: elder employees can share their experience and knowledge with the young, while they receive feedback that keeps them updated.

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