6 Keys for attracting talent digitally

Know which actions the Human Resources (HR) should consider taking in order to increase the levels of digital talent attraction.

To effectively attract the best talent and to remain competitive, organizations must re-evaluate and improve their talent acquisition processes virtually.

1. Digital ecosystem

 The development of a strong and effective employer brand starts with your career website: you should to make your website attractive and informative, as well as managing profiles on social networks.

2. Easy application processes

Evaluate your company’s existing application process by requesting a job yourself: document the problems you faced and then create a simpler application process for the new potential candidates.

3. Connect with possible candidates

You can create communities of talent with people interested in your organization: while this won’t sell your brand directly, it can show your intention of making a contribution or benefit to the community.

4. Remote and effective hiring interviews

Provide contracting managers with adequate training, tools and assistance to ensure that remote interviews are effective and attractive for candidates.

5. Commit throughout the offering and acceptance stages

Select candidates for personalized job offers and encourage their enthusiasm with messages and interactions from team members of your company.

6. Pre-boarding design

Arrange for candidates to complete paperwork before starting, consider offering them learning and/or gamification courses to learn about your organization and to measure the experience of the candidates.

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