4 Keys to understand the workspaces in the cloud

Considering that work is no longer carried out face-to-face, the following describes the main characteristics of the new virtual working spaces.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced analysis allow employees to access the corporate working environment from any location through an internet connection.

1. New generation of tools for remote work

In addition to videoconferencing programs, file sharing platforms, project management tools and time tracking protocols operate in the virtual working spaces. This allows the merger of new functions to the previous technologies.

2. Guarantee for performance management

This technology provides personalized reports per user while managing individual performance.

3. Secure data access systems

One of the main advantages of these systems is the protection of sensible data from both the users and the employers.

4. Personalization of the space

Secure personalized access leads to adaptive data analysis: companies can feed contract data to their system so that remote employees can have a user account a list of the tasks they have to develop even before formally starting to work.