4 Tips to make the most out of a limited recruitment budget

Limited budgets are a reality, learn how to deal with one and to make the most of it.

When resources are limited, time is also limited. Recruiters have to learn to be effective in optimizing their budget.


1. Establish reasonable expectations with managers

Assertiveness begins with the first admission meeting with the hiring managers: you should suggest them to lower their level of expectations regarding the skills of the candidates, and to narrow them to three or four skills that are absolutely essential.


2. Wage expectations can be a friction

The job of a recruiter is to inform the hiring manager that a possible candidate is in the market, and that is not advisable to make that candidate go through five or six rounds of interviews. If the hiring manager insists on the interviews, it’s the recruiter’s duty to let him/her know that the can be lost.


3. Ask about a candidates' job search

It is useful to know if there are any other job offers that you should be aware of. This information is essential to eliminate the frustration that might come if the candidate decides to go work somewhere else during the selection/hiring process.


4. Keep track of metrics

You can benefit from making and using monthly and annual data reports you’re your online job application tracking system. Additionally, using Google Analytics and analyzing the online behavior of candidates can help to further refine your metrics.

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