5 ways to build your employer branding

Mentions 5 ways on which RH must think when it comes to building an employer branding.

• Many HR haven’t realized yet the competitive advantage of investing in talent and how catastrophic it could be not to do so.

How do smaller organizations and middle market companies compete for the best talent?

1. Why is an employer’s brand important?

Beyond being a better way of doing business, recruitment and retention represent a huge cost for organizations. There is a need for the employer’s brand to help reduce those costs.

2. The candidate’s experience.

In a similar way as when making a purchase online is how candidates spend a significant amount of time in research during their job search. Your website and social media platforms should provide a compelling story that highlights the advantages of your organization over the competition.

3. Digital recruitment.

You should invest in human resources platforms that help manage the life cycle of the employee’s experience, from recruitment to incorporation and evaluation of results.

4. Employee experience.

Communicate to the candidates and employees the purpose of the work they do. Transparency, learning and responsibility are also essential to build an entrepreneurial culture focused on retention.

5. The morale of the team.

Share outgoing messages and good news so employees can take pride in how they impact on the customer’s experience, and also keep employees well informed and engaged through effective brand communications.