5 reasons why HR should fight distractions at workplace

This infographic presents 5 concrete reasons why HR must fight distractions at work.


70% of workers are distracted at work because of the overload of communication.

1. We lost an average of 2 hours a day between meetings and interruptions, this translates into 31 hours lost per month per paid worker, also on average.

2. Distractions contribute to a vicious circle that ends with the dissatisfaction of the employees: a longer work day, which generates frustration and stress, which in turn leads to a lack of commitment and motivation and, finally, to desertion.


34% of employees prefer less their jobs when they are in a workplace or work environment that distracts them.

4. Distractions in the workplace tend to diminish the IQ scores of employees. For example: constant email has the same negative effect on an employee’s performance as the lack of an entire night’s sleep.

5. Often, interruptions are compensated by having to work faster, this leads to a higher level of stress, more pressure and thus, higher levels of frustration are experienced. All of this can double the error rate at work.