4 challenges for implementing HR metrics

Learn about the 4 major challenges that HR faces when starting to implement metrics.

1. Long business cycle times

In some industries the elapsed time from product development to market release could be years or even decades. This creates problems for data collection and reporting because there is a time lag between events and information doesn’t flow in real-time.

2. Confusing factors

Multiple causes can make very difficult to carry out an evaluation process of the concrete effect a business had; having multiple corporate entities working in the same process can lead to difficulties in isolating the source of business problems.

3. Lack of experience of professionals in HR metrics

Very few HR professionals have formal education or training in the use of metrics: frequently, HR specialists could be unaware of statistical biases or don’t have adequate knowledge on the results produced by algorithms that give the, which are key factors in the decision-making process.

4. Find the objectives and goals for the implementation of metrics

First, you should analyze your answer to the main business problem: to determine how successful a concrete intervention or action might be, make a plan to evaluate if the desired objectives have been achieved.

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