6 tips to start reaching your professional goals

Learn which steps to follow for achieving personal and working success

1. Set yourself specific and realistic goals

  • The most direct formula for sustainable achievement is to choose personal and/or professional goals that are clearly defined and have real fulfillment possibilities.
  • You should make sure that your goals are truly attainable before pursuing them.

2. Play with your strengths

  • Use your skills and talents to stay organized and to create a personal/professional structure focused on your challenges and objectives.
  • Learn how to take advantage of the skills that are easy to obtain as a way to be more successful.

3. Choose a reasonable timeline

  • Each objective you desire to attain must have a date for completion: this way you know in advance how much time you need to achieve that goal.
  • Your personal/professional goals should be as detailed as possible and should always imply a time line or schedule which you are responsible to meet.

4. Reward your progress

  • This will help you monitor your advances while self-acknowledging and rewarding the effort you have made. This will also keep you determined to move on to the next benchmark.
  • Choose an appealing reward to further encourage you to repeat the behavior that led you to move towards achieving your goals.

5. Make adjustments when necessary

  • Having a structure is important, but sometimes being too rigid may be discouraging and limiting: you must be flexible enough to reshape your objectives as necessary.
  • If the plan you designed to achieve your goals is not sustainable in the long run, it’s beneficial to reevaluate and modify your strategy accordingly.

6. Set short-term goals (less than one year)

  • Do not let another year pass without reaching the goals you set for yourself.
  • Be specific, play according to your strengths, establish a timeline and be flexible.

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