5 ways to increase motivation

Discover five strategic points to stimulate a good working attitude.

1. Be acquainted with your employees and their talents

If you listen to and value your employees on personal basis, you will have little trouble motivating them to be the best they can be: By knowing what makes them feel important it will be easier for you to achieve the goal of keeping them inspired and committed while performing their tasks at a higher level.

2. Build a common goal

Motivation begins with a clear and convincing vision of a desired goal: team enthusiasm and disposition for work increases when people can see that their strengths and abilities will lead them to achieve this goal.

3. Empathy and support

Always ask how your collaborators feel: listen to them, acknowledge their efforts and treat them with care and respect. This will generate trust and they will feel confident to ask for support when necessary.

4. Prepare them for success

You should explain the tasks to be carried out in such a way that team members feel they have a greater chance of success: this will reinforce their strengths and their will to compete. Define the tasks, plan the desired results and implement progress evaluations.

5. Start by HR and business leaders

By starting from the higher levels of the company and HR personnel, motivation will spread across the whole organization. While talks and team meetings can do a lot for motivating employees, when HR and business leaders feel motivated themselves, they are able to lead by example.

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