Actions to demonstrate that you are working remotely.

It is likely that one of the things that are worrying you at this stage is showing your colleagues and bosses that you are working.

This may be because they are not seeing you, maybe it is just something that you think is happening. No matter what the reason for this “fear” is, follow these tips to get you back to your center.

Become a reliable piece, something we are looking for at this time is that they can give us a task that we know how to carry out, but above all that we know that there will be no inconvenience in punctual delivery and without many errors, you can be that piece of trust, In this way they can assign you clear tasks that are within your capabilities.

One of the most common mistakes made at this time is about informing what you are doing, many people consider that this action is “justifying” if you are active or not, keep updates in a timely and accurate way, that is, communicate what is necessary to demonstrate fairness.

Show your face when you are in a video call, this small, but significant action shows your colleagues that you are ready for what comes as if you were in the office.

Do not take more tasks than you can manage just to show that you are capable of something, many times doing this becomes an overload of responsibilities that we are not able to carry out and instead of showing that we are capable of achieving it, we simply bump into ourselves themselves.

The best advice we can give you is to work at home as you would on a normal office day, which is exactly why you are hired.