We have to start thinking long term.

We are used to immediacy, we want everything to happen now, technology already gives us the opportunity to listen to what we want, find the movie we want, or anything we need to come to us without even leaving the house.

All these changes were received in a simple way as they gave us a benefit, but this change we are currently experiencing is uncertain.

Coronavirus also has to do with fear of radical lifestyle changes.

The expectation that governments implement political measures that radically alter the way we live lead to the collection of goods, for example, something that is already noticeable on the supermarket shelves in several countries. And sometimes the fear is not so much to the measures that the politicians adopt, but to a situation of lack of control in which not even basic goods are guaranteed.

Ultimately, research shows that we humans have a tendency to focus on pessimistic options for the future (within several possible options that seem reasonable to us). Although this means losing the chance to win, we are more concerned with the risk of losing.