Trends in attracting talent towards 2020

Talent attraction trends for the next year, according to SHRM.

The following ideas, strategies and recruitment trends were presented at the 2019 annual SHRM conference.

Oriented job advertising

  • Adoption of a tighter approach in strategies to optimize performance in specific recruitment markets.
  • The competition for talent varies by market: employers must understand how this affects their recruitment strategy, given that, for example, lower unemployment rates indicate a more competitive market.
  • This could be achieved by allocating more resources for recruitment advertising, aimed specifically at these challenging markets.

Artificial intelligence

  • AI tools can be used from the beginning of the talent attraction process since they are able to filter resumes in order to find the most suitable profiles from a large amount, while also helping with the evaluation process.
  • AI can accelerate the process of reaching the right candidates, especially in the case of companies with large volumes of candidates. Likewise, AI can be applied for training assistance.

Databases and talent platforms

  • There is a tendency to proactively search for the best talent through curriculum databases: in addition to being profitable, it also allows more specific results.
  • HR has to learn to stand out: if a company can’t offer the wages that workers are looking for, it can get a competitive advantage by offering a benefits scheme which other companies can’t.
  • In order to effectively communicate with candidates and employees, HR must try to commit them to the company’s employer brand so that they think twice before leaving their current job.

Publish convincing Employer Brand contents

  • These contents should reach passive whether online, on mobile devices and on social networks.
  • The number of employers who take advantage of social networks for reaching and hiring candidates is growing, although it’s no longer enough to simply have a ‘social presence’ without offering opportunities for professional growth and development.

Value propositions for candidates

  • In a market driven by candidates, successfully recruiting the best talent becomes increasingly difficult, slow and expensive: to proactively attract the best candidates HR must effectively transmit the ‘spirit’ of the company and convince the candidates of how their role will bring value to the company and the world.

These trends will continue in the near future while the workforce is likely to be more different from what we saw in the past. Companies want to be competitive they must be aware of the latest trends in talent management.