8 HR processes which are changing with the use of AI

Know which HR functions have changed due to the implementation of AI.

Traditional HR processes have been recently transformed through use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

1. Attraction process

AI tools can help to discover and to attract potential ideal candidates online in a more assertive and economical way.

2. Selection process

The use of AI for talent selection can optimally filter and separate the best profiles.

3. OnBoarding process

AI tools can help to refine and personalize the induction process of new employees by accurately measuring their skills and level of risk and by suggesting career plans.

4. Talent retention

AI can timely detect when a worker’s motivation is diminishing or if he/she has the intention of leaving his job. Likewise, AI can help to design the best possible benefit scheme for a specific collaborator based on the role he plays in the company.

5. Calculation of wages and compensations

AI tools can compare the performance level of employee with that prevailing in the industry and within the company in order to calculate his/her wage and compensations in a fair and equitable way, and without any kind of bias.

6. Performance measurement

Through the use of IA, the role each that worker plays in the company can be accurately determined as well as its added value, while identifying which areas can be improved.

7. Talent Management

AI tools can generate personalized suggestions for each employee regarding the adequate place they should occupy in the company, based on the information provided by employee surveys.

8. Administrative tasks

HR has gradually delegated traditional processes such as the payroll and tax calculation to technology, by doing so HR has been able to increase its value to the organization by focusing on the strategic task of talent management.