4 tips to detect lies in a complaint at work

Consejos detectar mentiras denuncia laboral
Suggestions are given to detect lies in complaints at work, such as not trusting one’s own instinct, conducting internal research and in social networks, and to be careful in the recruitment process.

No single variable is a reliable predictor of truthfulness.

1. Don’t trust your own instinct.

For it is based mainly on your interpretation of body language and the behavior of the candidates during an interview. Do not look for emotions, it is better to focus on getting the person to speak and listen carefully to the answers they give.

2. Carry out an internal investigation more as if you were a journalist and less like a prosecutor.

Investigating complaints of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, ethical violations and other potentially illegal behavior of employees is a sensitive issue. There is a lot at stake, therefore, it is imperative that human resources professionals gather accurate information that supports any claim or suspicion.

3. Look into social networks for confirming your suspicions.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be a researcher’s best friend, especially when it comes to detecting the spreading of lies.

4. Get the candidate to speak.

Give them free rein to tell their story in their own way: track inconsistencies and find out if their resume is a true reflection of the skills, experience and qualifications they presume to have.