4 facts that show that freelancers are changing work

The forms that are changing work based on the concept of freelance are analyzed. In particular, services focused on the achievement of objectives and the generation of organizations without hierarchies.

In 1989, freelance workers represented 6% of the workforce. By the year 2020 they will represent up to 43%


Freelance in 1989


Freelance in 2020

2 increasingly factors are becoming more common.

1. Currently, there are fewer waged workers with daily schedules from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and more employees willing to work for third parties: but under their own rules and focused on achieving objectives.

2. 61% of companies around the world plan to replace at least one third of their permanent jobs with freelance workers, gig workers, and independent professionals.


More freelance workers than permanent jobs

Organizations without hierarchies.

1. – They focus on enhancing the autonomy of project participants: this translates into more decentralized organizations, in which decisions are made based on the consensus of its members and many operations are carried out in an automated manner.

2. – The rise of freelance workers will boost the reorganization of companies into structures inspired by the blockchain philosophy and intelligent and flexible contracts.