Strategic goals.

HR Leaders should be working in formalizing the strategic role they have within the organizations, this process took years to consolidate in most of the organizations, but not everyone is there right now.

As HR experts we should focus on how to implement the strategy rather than just the strategy itself because it’s going to be our people the ones that are making it possible. When the strategic goals are not developed with an eye of how they will be communicated, implemented and executed, they tend to be very generic and sometimes also they tend to be unrealistic.

When your strategic goals are too vague the individual employees can’t know how to take action to achieve them, and also they cant recognize them as own, for example, “maximize operating efficiency¨”, “improve productivity” or “increase market presence”.

Clarifying the organizations strategy can take practice and is not easy but this exercise should be better year after year, leading us to a way to communicate the employees how the organization is going to measure the success and it will help employees to understand their role and work with a clear focus.