Reduce the waste

We are all day in our houses that have now become our office and all this time that we are in it maybe it has become some unnecessary expenses and if we add to that situation that maybe we have made panic purchases, it can be a lousy combination.

We leave you some options so that you can reduce the waste of garbage at this time that we must take care of more than usual.

Meal Plan Realistically

One of the biggest culprits of food waste is overbuying on your weekly groceries. Not planning properly or just splurging and grabbing a few items too many.

Plan your groceries to the T analyzing how big your family is, how much your normal portions are and how many meals you need groceries for.

Really try to be as realistic as possible and buy only what you need. Being cautions especially with fresh food as it will not last if you buy too much or decide not to use it after all.

Repurpose Leftovers

I know, I know. We all hate leftovers especially the unsightly kind. But leftovers are food waste too and oftentimes a single family can waste a lot of them.

Have a leftover night at the end of the week or pack leftovers for school and work lunches. Repurpose that old rice into a stir fry and crisp up that mushy casserole and add a delectable side.

Look at What You Normally Throw Away

Before you go grocery shopping take a good look at what you seem to be routinely throwing away. Is it celery that goes limp before you can use it, tomatoes that turn to mush after going unnoticed for too long or is it spinach that just expires to quickly to be used?

Take a good long look and figure out how you can prevent that food waste from happening again. How can you use those items faster or do you just need to avoid buying them entirely?

Why do we say this makes you productive?

Simply, saving on food and having a balanced diet will always be the beginning of a successful working day. So when you think about not finishing that plate, remember that this is also a way to improve your work.