How do I clean my house at this time?

One of the main tips we’ve heard in the past few weeks is to keep our hands clean, and while we’ve followed the advice almost religiously, the question that keeps coming to us is: why are they still dirty?

The answer is very simple, your hands are undoubtedly a tool that you occupy all day, from when we wake up until we go to bed we are using them, taking things, leaving things, typing on the keyboard, etc.

Now that we know the inevitability of using our hands, it is time to think about things that perhaps we are cleaning badly.


Many of us are probably guilty of doing so, but technically we’re not supposed to put our “good knives” in the dishwasher. Especially if they have wooden handles, the water, heat, and steam from the dishwasher can warp the wood and cause them to crack. 

Instead, hand wash your knives using mild dish soap. To prevent rust and damage to wooden handles, dry the knives immediately with a clean dish towel rather than letting them air-dry.

Laptop & cell phone:

Try this safer method: Grab a microfiber cloth—even dry, this tightly woven cloth is capable of removing germs from touchscreen surfaces. If the screen is grimy and you have a specialized cleaning spray for tech devices, spritz the cloth lightly first, then wipe the screen and follow with a clean, dry cloth. Never spray cleaning fluid directly onto a screen or keyboard. 

Kitchen Sponges 

Okay, so this is sort of a trick answer. Studies have determined that attempts to clean and disinfect kitchen sponges in the microwave or by boiling them simply don’t work. So, basically, if you are currently in the habit of “cleaning” your kitchen sponges, you’ll want to stop. 

Instead, get in the habit of replacing your kitchen sponge once per week. Want a more eco-friendly solution? Switch to a dish cleaning brush or a silicone sponge that lasts longer. 

We talk about these objects, since they are some that we occupy during this time, now you know how to do it better.