We’re going through a difficult situation where we have to stay home, this is all about the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the times, working from home can be even harder than working at the office. There are some things you can do to so you can stay focused even though you’re in your comfortable home environment.

  • Go to bed and wake up at a consistent time. When we are doing everything at home, it’s really easy to forget what day we’re in, what time we’re in and that is not really what you want because it creates this sense of endlessness that comes with everyday, so that can bring on senses of anxiety and frustration. So set a time period for when you decide that you’re going to have a bedtime routine, wind yourself down and go to bed so that when you’re in bed and fall asleep you end up waking up at the same time everyday.
  • Start your day off with a clear head. You don’t want to be running out of bed and then immediately going to your laptop, that’s the last thing that you want because that’s just going to start your day off with a bit of stress, anxiety, etc. So have a bit of a morning routine  where before you go straight to your laptop and get to work, give yourself a bit of time after you’ve woken up to refresh yourself whether is to do some exercise, to do some yoga, step outside for a little bit, whatever it may be, do something for you.
  • Have goals as to what you want to achieve that particular day. Maybe you want to have 2 reports done that day, then have that cleared written out in front of you so that you can work towards that goal and that’s going to keep you motivated as your stuck at home working because is going to make sure that you’re on track rather than you just spending your whole day answering emails and not being able to get what you actually wanted to get done.
  • Schedule your meals. Enjoy and set the time to have your meals. That helps you to bring structure to your day and that force you to take a break. Being productive means that you have the right energy to be able to do the work that you need to do.
  • Have a designated space to do your work. This space will make you more productive, even if that space is to be sitting on your couch, as long as that’s comfortable for you and you feel that you can get your work done, that’s great. Just have a designated space.