The pandemic is changing everything, including how and where businesses are operating.

Communicate with your employees, this is really important.

The impact of a virus diagnosis is greater than  other diseases, the infection rates are really high. This is why support services are necessary for employees with the virus.

Try to find alternative locations to recuperate, this is not only to the health of the employee and family, but it benefits the company, as well.

HR managers need to provide advice on where the employee can find the care he/she needs to recuperate in case the employee have the virus. Mental health counseling is also essential.

Take preventive actions for employees who are still working in the company by providing them masks and explain them about maintaining social distancing, and safety precautions.

You, as an HR professional, play a critical role by checking in on employees working remotely, responding to employees’ needs and providing a list of support resources offered by the employer.

Be the person your employee would rely on.