Be a leader, not just a boss.

There are a lot of differences between bosses and leaders. Managers should frequently analyze how they are leading their teams.

Almost 50% of professionals  have quit their jobs due to a bad boss.

Becoming a good leader means you should influence, inspire and mentor your team members.

These are some strategies that you can incorporate for being a great leader: delegating authority, being thoughtful to team members, facilitating open communication and setting clear employee expectations.

Merely being someone’s boss doesn’t mean you are a good leader.

Being promoted is a great accomplishment, but it’s more challenging than you imagine. many 

Something essential in the workplace is effective leadership, a great number of employees are leaving companies over one element: bad bosses. 

Here are some differences between bosses and leaders

  • Bosses explain; leaders inspire. A boss ensures you understand your work, while a leader supports and guides you through it. You shouldn’t just explain a task and leave it in your employee’s hands. A good leader inspires people and makes them excited about their work, you should motivate your team by letting them know the importance of what they’re doing.

  • Bosses command; leaders influence. A boss’s authority comes from their position, whereas a leader’s authority comes from their ability to influence others.A boss is there to ensure that employees follow the rules step by step, a leader will encourage others to think for themselves to achieve what they are looking for and have the best final results.

  • Bosses are above the team; leaders are part of the team. A leader takes the time to get to know their employees and view their team members as equal contributors, a boss view their team members as subordinates, whereas leaders   To be a leader, it’s important that you facilitate positive relationships with your employees.  

  • Bosses discipline; leaders mentor. Employees are human, and as humans mistakes are to be expected. One important element of leadership is the ability to harness the talents of others to achieve a common goal. It’s really important to realize the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and mentor them independently. Don’t attack their skill gaps, Guide your employees through their shortcomings and build their confidence in new areas.

    Don’t be afraid to be human, be real and express your emotions to connect with your workers.