Keep your employees happy.

Employees happiness and satisfaction is the key to a company’s overall success.

This is why it’s essential to establish a positive company culture. Offering incentives and job perks will excite and inspire your team and attract top talent to the recruiting process.

There are many ways to reward your employees besides offering more money.

Here are some employee perks offered by large and small businesses.

  • Greet your team. Your team members want to feel and be happy, so give them a little nudge in the morning with a big old smile that says, “I’m happy you are here and I want you to love your job.” A little hello goes a long way in the workplace. See how everyone is doing, pop around the office frequently. Ask your team how their week is going or how their weekend was, and check in to see if anyone needs help with ongoing projects.

  • Make Work/Life Balance a Priority. Offering incentives that improve a team member’s overall quality of life makes them know that you care about them. Your team members need to have a clear understanding that you value them as a loyal employee and as a person who has a life outside of work that is just as important.

  • Get out of your Work Routine (Occasionally). If you want to make your team members ultra-productive during the following workdays, occasionally you can let them get out of their work routine, they should be well rested, refreshed and more than ready to tackle projects. Talking with customers for long periods of time and sitting at a desk all day, day in and day out, can no doubt become mind-numbing.  Surprise your team by having your next meeting outside or at their favorite restaurant. Tell them that instead of coming into the office on Wednesday, they have to do one thing that brings them joy like writing, reading or spending time with their families.

  • Hire happy personalities. Happy people create a happy company culture. While interviewing potential candidates, it’s important to take the time to study genuineness,facial expressions and responses. A happy work environment attracts happy people, a stressful environment will most definitely destroy your company culture.