Increase your level of attraction with the ‘Gen Z’

6 strategies to improve your level of attraction among with centennials.

Given that there is no single approach to college recruitment, the following communication strategies can help you to be more appealing to the ‘Gen Z’.

1. Provide specific job information

  • Make sure candidates have a clear idea of the tasks they will actually perform at work.
  • A description of the typical workday of recently hired employees in the same age group can have a positive impact on candidates.

2. Use multimedia resources

  • So that the candidates don’t have to read all the necessary information about the selection/hiring process.

3. Offer candidates the opportunity to interact with hired employees

  • The interaction of candidates with hired employees through the selection/hiring process can start with online forums in the organization’s website.
  • The participation of young employees at university career fairs can also be very effective.

4. Offer information about tutoring programs

  • Members of ‘Gen Z’ are used to personal and professional training and they highly value those companies which have mentoring programs.

5. Show a clear picture of the possible career path

  • Describe the steps needed for making a progress in your organization: use real examples and always give information about the criteria for promotions.

6. Ethical differentials

  • Organizations should make sure that their ecological and sustainability initiatives and other public interest programs are evident and attractive to candidates.