How to deal with low-performance employees

mujer empleada de bajo rendimiento
Learn what to do when your employees have an under average performance.

The worst thing that HR can do about poor performance is to ignore it. Recently, Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn’s CEO) shared 3 simple actions to deal with under average employee performance.

1. Support employees directly

  • This will make employees feel more confident and will encourage them to improve their performance.
  • Talk honestly with your employees about their lack of their skills or low-performance and design a plan together to overcome the gaps.

2. Ask if there is something distracting or disturbing about them

  • The most important thing to be to find out the reasons that explain the diminishing performance over time of an employee.
  • Once you understand these reasons you can establish a plan that addresses the underlying problems.

3. Review what is expected of the employee in terms of the job/position he holds

  • Talk with your employees about what you consider a good performance and a good attitude are, while also listening to your employees’ opinion.
  • As a leader, you are responsible to make sure that your team has everything they need to perform at their best.