How do Google Certifications improve my profile?

Digital transformation is a trending topic everywhere, we are changing in manufacturing processes, the way we manage our resources, new sales approaches and even the rise of learning has been powered by digitization and it is increasingly necessary to have digital transformation experts able to face the challenges of the near future. 

Google has been a key player in the digital era, Google has a large range of products and services, and offer different type of certifications. Specifically, digital marketing, data science or software engineering profiles now a days require specific knowledge regarding Google Services and Products.

Although for some jobs the certification is required, for some others is not, recruitment experts ensure that Google Certifications can improve your profile over other candidates whenever this are aligned to your profile and your career path. To actually move the needle in their decision to hire a candidate the certification must be relevant to your field and the role you are applying.

Some CEOs and Senior Recruiters have found that candidates with Google certifications tend to be at a consistently higher level than the others.