Gender equity.

Cognitive biases are subjective perceptions that we fall back on as we process information. They are based on instincts or outdated habits of thinking and they impair our ability to objectively observe a person or situation. Unfortunately our hiring processes are riddled with them.

At a research, Mercer identified cognitive bias in hiring as a key roadblock to gender diversity in talent and inclusion initiatives.

“One of the things our research shows is that we need to address the individual’s behavior, conscious and unconscious biases, as well as the organizational practices that may also have bias,” observed Jill Zimmerman, Mercer Chief People Officer, at our recent When Women Thrive in Media and Entertainment conference.

Here are five cognitive biases that are impacting your ability to hire or promote talented women within your organizations:

It’s critical for us to establish clear business imperatives in our organizations in order to help filter against and avoid these biases, improve diversity and inclusion overall, and remove barriers to gender equality.