Domestic violence affects people of all ages, genders, sexualities, cultures, and levels of income. It’s not a problem directed solely at women, although they are statistically more likely to experience domestic violence than men.

Reports of domestic violence have surged since people have been confined to their homes. In some areas, calls to police stations have increased.

Think about living in fear of the person who shares your home, that every day is a nightmare of physical violence. Now imagine that you’re trapped inside with that person while the world is grappling with an ongoing health crisis.

Everyone is paying a price, whether from a loss or a lack of social contact. But living this unsafe situation of domestic violence, could be fatal.

People all around the world, are facing calls to self-isolate in order to halt the spread of the disease. People living domestic violence have less opportunity to access vital services because the world is focused on the pandemic.

Not only woman are going through this situation, children are as well.

“Self-isolation is an important step in the fight against the virus … but can be dangerous for the thousands of children who grow up in homes with domestic abuse”.

Anyone living this situation should be able to access to an appropriate support and not been trapped in their homes for weeks.