Considerations prior to the application of a personality test

Learn which aspects you should consider before implementing personality tests.

The objective of a personality test is to determine whether a candidate is the right person for a specific role and/or function.

Start with defining what you want to evaluate

  • Begin by determining which behaviors your work team or company is looking for.
  • The traits or characteristics to measure in the candidates should have a correlation with the specific needs of the role/job.

Determine what is the best way to measure these behaviors

  • The reliability of the results should be your main concern.
  • Classical personality tests have become increasingly obsolete when compared to those based on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Consider the candidate's experience during the test

  • In competing for recruiting the best talent you should always have in mind the candidate’s experience of the process.
  • If candidates go to a bad and/or unpleasant experience, this will affect the test results.

Consider the gamification processes

  • Incorporating gaming elements into a personality test can help to measure levels of interaction, type of leadership, soft skills, etc.
  • Think about gamification as serious tool for evaluating a candidate.

Think how to use the information you collect to your advantage

  • The data gathered will help you understand in-detail which is the main strengths and weaknesses of your company.
  • The information you collect through personality tests can help you to create and develop better work teams and to fill any gaps.