5 values of women in leadership positions

Discover which are the values that characterize women who hold leadership positions.

Women leaders are more assertive, persuasive, empathic, flexible and willing to take risks than their male counterparts. Also, women have a need to do things right.

1. Best motivators

Women are more effective in motivating employees due to their more persuasive, empathic and flexible nature.

2. They are more sensitive

Women leaders have the ability to understand and address a complex situation while having a broader perspective that takes into account information from all sides.

This willingness to consider all aspects of a situation strengthens their ability to persuade.

3. Women have a pedagogical attitude

By being able to cope in a better way with feelings of rejection than their male counterparts, women leaders learn from adversity.

They have strong interpersonal skills: empathy, flexibility and sociability.

4. Women leaders show greater effectiveness for team building

They focus on listening and problem solving when making decisions.

Women have a more inclusive way of leading: they attract and captivate people while being more effective due to their better communication skills.

5. They tend to take more risks

Women adhere to a lesser extent than men to established procedures, while being cautious at the same time.

Women leaders are more likely to function less efficiently when they are excessively limited by regulations and standards, since they tend to prefer risk-taking and innovative solutions.