8 features of the ideal workplace for millennials

Considering the evolution of the workplace, we tell you what it that millennials look for in a workplace is.

1. A positive environment.

Where they feel the need for getting better every day and where they are recognized, respected, and encouraged to develop their skills and creativity.

2. To work with passionate people.

To work with people that respect deadlines, and whose work ethic is that of mutual recognition and respect.

3. Career progress.

To work in a place that offers changes, promotions or actions which show that there are always opportunities to progress in their career.

4. Culture of fun and collaboration.

Nobody wants to work in a boring place: you can promote social events and create the possibility of working in such a way that interactions are not seen as training.

5. Constant learning.

Through working side by side with intergenerational personnel, or by being trained by a mentor that can foster their personal and professional grow.

6. To be appreciated, not only through money.

They appreciate the little things that make them feel warmth: a thank you note, a small gift or a surprise team outing could work for this.

7. That their leader is a mentor instead of simply a boss.

They seek to be in a work environment where they are treated as teammates, where confidence prevails and their boss functions as a mentor.

8. Flexibility.

They find it motivating when the possibility of working from home when needed exists.