5 keys to understanding the economy of purpose

RH must understand how the new economy of purpose works, and why it goes beyond economic benefits by pursuing the common good.

1. Changes in the economy.

The first organized economy was the agricultural economy, which lasted almost 12,000 years until it was succeeded by the industrial economy. Since the middle of the 20th century the economy of the information is the system under which we have been living, and it has become the prevailing trend in the last 25 years.

2. People no longer “buy” what you do but why you do it.

This occurs due to different cultural, educational, generational and environmental reasons.

3. It is also reflected in the employment.

For the economy of purpose your company and your product must transcend, it is an economic system in which the talented employees look for a reason to their function beyond the salary.

It is a matter of making sense of what you do.

4. Money is a consequence.

In the future an economy that is limited to just generating jobs and resources will be worthless. An economic system must also have the ability to improve the lives of those who live in it. It’s no longer about money, but about having solid relationships to produce a positive impact and to grow both professionally and personally in the process.

5. Having a purpose becomes imperative for companies.

In the same way that information management was the evolution from the industrial economy; the purpose is going to be the evolution of the economy of information age.